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IBEW 743 JATC - Electricians - Apprenticeship Program

The IBEW 743/NECA Electrical Training Alliance trains their apprentices to become hardworking team members.  Team members should have drive, discipline, willingness to work together, are coachable, understand the value of structure, and take pride in their work. Current and transitioning military members alike posses all of these traits, and more.

Are you, or someone you know, getting ready to transition out of the military and return to civilian life? Are you, or someone you know currently a transitioning military member and are looking for a job? Reach out to IBEW 743/NECA Electrical Training Alliance today for more information on an electrician apprenticeship. 

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A career with IBEW 743 can offer numerous opportunities for those who are willing to put work and time into a five-year apprenticeship in the electrical trade.